Arcane Background: Sorcery

  • Arcane Skill: Spellweaving (Spirit)
  • Starting Power Points: 15
  • Starting Powers: 1 + dispel
  • Spell List: All powers available except greater healing, healing, and succor.

Sorcerers are spellcasters with magic within their very blood. The ability may come from
an ancestor with innate power or perhaps a brush with a raw uncontrolled source of magic. Whatever the source, the character is capable of innately negating the forces of magic and weaving them into their known spell effects.

Sorcerers are the most common type of spellcaster in uncivilized regions where books and occult knowledge is harder to come by. Some barbaric tribes that are more trusting of magic will even have a sorcerer acting as the advisor to their leader.

Mechanics: Sorcerers control the same power as AB: Magic and although they access it in a completely different way, they work almost the same way mechanically. One key difference is their innate ability to dispel other powers (they have this power even if Novice Rank); sorcerers suffer no penalty for attempting to dispel magic of a different type.

Backlash: Sorcerers who roll a 1 on their Spellweaving die, regardless of the result of the Wild Die, are Shaken. This can cause a wound.

Arcane Background: Sorcery

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