Arcane Background: Ritual Magic

  • Arcane Skill: Ritualism (Smarts)
  • Starting Power Points: 5
  • Starting Powers: 3
  • Spell List: All powers available except greater healing, healing, and succor.

Ritualists learn to cast spells in a slow methodical fashion. While they don’t have the same innate power as magicians or sorcerers, their spells are safer and more reliable.

Ritualists are more common in cities and other civilized areas. The relationship is mutually beneficial as the citizenry prefer a safer form of magic in town, and the ritualist enjoys the safety of civilization.

Mechanics: Casting a spell for a ritualist consumes their entire action; they cannot take
any other actions while doing so. In addition, they may only move half their Pace in a round
in which they are casting. Ritualists must also use their hands to perform their rituals.
Normally, they use both hands, but they may attempt to perform a ritual with only one
hand at a –2 penalty (and at an additional –2 if attempted with their off hand).

Ritual Backlash: Using rituals is much safer than other forms of magic, but still entails a
slight risk. A ritualist is Shaken if he rolls a critical failure when casting a spell.

Arcane Background: Ritual Magic

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