Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings Session 4


-Murdered crab things

-Smooshed a goblination.

-Stole a jeweled knife off a statue

-Found a pit full of zombies

-Looted 700 gold (to be split evenly between Sibyl, Gibber, Invective, Bjarke, and Jack)

-Found some sketches of a woman-slash-succubus in the back of the journal


Not crab things, I didn’t describe them as crab things. Try not to let the stand-in minis I use in a given encounter the description I give you.

Burnt Offerings Session 4
  • Color the description rather
Burnt Offerings Session 4

Actually, it was Gibber screaming about them being crab people that lead to that. They had crab faces, even if they were technically ghouls of some sort. Sorry about that.

Burnt Offerings Session 4

No need to be sorry. Just clarifying that the mini isn’t always representative of what it actually is. If this was a face to face game you might have even been fighting glass beads or pennies.

Also, not ghouls either. I mention this because I’d almost certainly just have let you know if they were… My assumption being that ghouls fall under common knowledge for adventurer types in a fantasy world. I just want to see incorrect OOC assumptions bleed over into IC ones and then complicate things. So, no worries.

Burnt Offerings Session 4

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