• Gibber


    Gibber of Ish
  • Invective


    More snake than man, Invective is a brutish fighter who rarely speaks and has his own, often shady motives, but is fiercely loyal and unwaveringly protective of his companions.
  • Ometochtli


    Ometochtli's place-holder.
  • Sibyl Vane

    Sibyl Vane

    Striking Human Adventurer And Burglar; Sibyl (Or just "Vane") is a handsome young woman with a grin on her face and the world at her feet.
  • Bjarke Ulf Nystrom

    Bjarke Ulf Nystrom

    Grew up in the Linnorm lands to the north in a coastal village. Volunteered to go with the raiders to take things for his struggling village. The ship was wrecked by a storm en route south. He woke up on shore with only an elk watching over him he took it
  • Bjarke's Elk Moose

    Bjarke's Elk Moose

    He will eat you.
  • Foxglove's dog

    Foxglove's dog

    He is a hunting dog.
  • Jack Vassago

    Jack Vassago

    Delivishly Touched Intelligent Human Sorcerer