Rise of the Runelords

I still want my face candy. (Burnt Offerings Session 3)

Should one be sneaky enough, some tattered manuscript may be found, entitled “Tracking Goz.” This was just one of many entries, penned in odd handwriting.

Today was started too early. But I DID get a horse for waking up! And then I managed to find a boar! Damned thing mighta nicked my oar, though. With its neck.

After the trip back, I caught a fish. I tried to raise it afterwards, just to see if I could, but I still haven’t been able to get that down right. One of these days, I’ll make father proud..! Good thing I took my time, though. Managed to find the Keeper of the Elk and the rest of our merry bunch wandering into a house. I didn’t know why, but I can’t leave them alone for a minute, lest they have fun without me!

Apparently, they had cornered a goblin! Miss Vanity’s got one of those new tiny-rock-launchers, and apparently they’re really good at leaving holes in faces. Note to self: Avoid being on the receiving end of one of those. The poor goblin, though! Had to have been spooked by it, fleeing from his meal of someone’s neck! But, seeing how as, you know, we were intent on killing it, my little fish decided to join in the fray as it ran. They were so nice, saving the eyes for me, just like I asked!

…But they wouldn’t let me eat the eyes. They even expected me to staunch the bleeding! Why would I do that when I coulda eaten the eyes!? But, the snake said to save him, and he asked nicely, so who am I to say no to some one that can eat me? He said I could have the eyes later, at least. I made sure to check, and I didn’t see any signs of Goz’s cult on the goblin, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t part of it.

Apparently, the man who’s neck was missing? He had a wife. I didn’t catch her name, but The Rich Fop said he’d take care of her, when the Keeper of the Elk asked him to. He’s the one that gave me my horse! I’m going to name it Spurs. Unless it already has a name. Then I’ll name it something else.

After tending to the holder of my Face Candy, food was had by all! Though a few people complained about the fish. And then the bar maid said that the owner (A woman? Who woulda thought it? Quite a progressive little town, apparently) was missing.

We found a note in her room. Said to knock twice, then three times, then once at the glass blower’s delivery door at midnight. Too bad that was a few days ago, by the sounds of it. Said that there was something about her dad being the cause of the goblins attacking the town. He’s GOT to be a member of the cult! After all, he’s been able to get out of trouble like this before apparently, and one needs connections do to that more then once..!



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