Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings Session 6

Chapter One: The Rat and the Sphere

The zombie pits left in their wake, our intrepid heroes investigate deeper into the unknown complex. When an opened door offered a view of a room where dead creatures flew effortlessly and forbidden arcane artifacts floated tantalizingly just beyond both the boundaries of sense and a man’s reach, the challenge seemed almost tailor made for one member of the party—the mad necromancer, Gibber. True to his past, the Fisher of Bones was not only the only one willing to cross the threshold, but seemed absolutely at home, floating madly in the air, immediately cherishing the artifacts he so coveted, and traversing the lawless space where the earth fails to hold grudgingly to its tenants as readily as though he belonged there. He spoke, as he returned to us, of ‘electric writings’ on the far wall, but none of us knew much of what to make of them—nor were entirely certain that these ‘runes’ existed anywhere but in the man’s twisted mindscape.

Chapter Two: An Encounter with the Infernal

Finding the nearby staircase blocked, the group passed back through the moaning room, where Gibber was narrowly persuaded against the wisdom of trying to use an arm from the freakish goblin mutant as a weapon. Invective claimed a roughly fashioned axe from the unfortunate creature however, possibly offering to leave it to the wizard as a souvenir, after staining it with the ichor of some of the denizens. This makes it the second weapon claimed for the party’s use, the first of course being the dagger earlier taken by Sibyl…from a statue that they had passed earlier, and passed once again, en route to their next encounter with danger.
A simple altar bore few clues—or at least, offered little that the adventurers were prepared to make sense out of—though some of those unspoken questions were immediately answered in the lilting taunt of a succubus—or something akin to one—they discovered in the next room, who questioned whether the party was there to convert to the worship of the Queen of Monsters, before bluntly bidding them to flee…and being summarily put down before she had the time to utter further threats. Sibyl finished the thing off with her pistol, leaving her with just a single bullet until she is able to return to town and resupply.

Chapter Three: Of Hubris and Missing Stones

Sibyl, Jack, Gibber and Invective spent a few minutes poring over the remnants of their encounter, but once more find little they can make sense of. A larger, more ornate altar overlooked what seemed to be a church of sorts, presumably where monsters and their kin took worship. Although Gibber took a robe from the supply closet, and filled his packs to bulging with miscellaneous objects of the church supply, the group left the room with little in the way of answers, or valuables, and were met by further mystery when they did so. Their third pass by the statue—the one Sibyl had robbed in order to arm herself—revealed the statue itself to have moved on. Certainly shaken, but still in high spirits, they made their way down the last unexplored passage, perhaps hoping to find the statue. Perhaps hoping the statue would not find them.
Having enjoyed crushing victory after crushing victory since embarking on the night’s journey, the group rushed into the battle that awaited them down that last passage with a reckless zeal…and nearly fell into tragedy at the appendages of a small group of common driders that they disturbed drinking at a fountain just a short distance down the hallway. Though the ordeal was over in seconds, it concluded with the mage Vassago using a portion of his sorely dwindling magickal reserve to repair a battered Invective’s body, if not his bruised ego, and the normally confident and cocksure Sibyl jumping at every shadow, expecting spiders from every crack in the stone.



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