Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings Session 2

The Headless Chicken Parade

After a brief interview with a completely smitten Aldern Foxglove, the party met with local transient and reality-impaired fisherman Gibber of Ish, who was kind enough to retrieve Bjarke’s spooked elkfriend by methods best not shared in polite company, and pledged himself, after a fashion, to their fellowship. Together, the troupe interrogated Father Zantus about the previous fire before retiring for the night. Father Zantus divulged that the fire that had destroyed the previous church five years ago was the subject of more legend than fact, but his personal testament held that the fire had in some way been caused by Nualia, adopted ward of the church and whispered Godtouched Childe, who had recently lost her child and was presumed dead in the fires.

The next morning, the party was greeted with extreme favor by the townspeople, having gained some level of celebrity status for their heroics in the goblin raid, an appreciation that was shown most outwardly by one Shayliss Vinder, daughter of a local shopkeeper, who made a very thinly veiled attempt to lure Bjarke into the privacy of the shoppe for a private encounter.

Perhaps ignorant of human mating customs, the party’s demihuman made a show of preventing the encounter, causing a scene that left nobody except perhaps himself and the barbarian male guessing as to what had just gone on.

Afterward, the party split ways to investigate the matter in their own ways…Bjarke, Gibber, and Jack seeking out the sheriff for his account of the fire and information on the goblin raiders themselves, while Invective and Sibyl spent time with Mayor Deverin, focusing their inquiries on Nualia’s history.

Neither offered much of any particular substance, though the group did learn the name of Nualia’s lover, one Delek Viskanta .

Aldern pressed the group into a half-promise to meet him for boar hunting the day following, while Sheriff Hemlock wanted to arrange an introduction for the group later the same day; hopefully one of these avenues will lead to more progress than was made today.


“Neither offered much of any particular substance”

I beg to differ! They offered what they were able and didn’t even react with suspicion to newcomers marching into their homes demanding history and insight into local tragedy and treating them with distrust, which when you really look at it…

I’m just saying, Father Zantus is a patient man.

Very nice log, though. It’s very well-written. I’m not sure how I’ll be handling bonus rewards under the new system yet, since 1xp here is actually pretty significant. We may handle this with bennies.

Burnt Offerings Session 2

Just because the system only offers whole numbers of xp does not mean you are limited to same. Whatever you want to offer—if anything at all—is going to make us happy, doing the logs has been fun so far with or without xp, bennies, or awesome hats. Just saying. :)

Burnt Offerings Session 2

I don’t think splitting XP is really the answer. Fortunately I also don’t think there’s much of a problem aside from expectations. Just as long as people understand that with our sessions running an average of three hours that 1xp is normal and 2xp is an exceptionalLy meaty session, we’ll be good. One of the nice things about the system is that you don’t just get better at level breaks, so you’ll be feeling progress every handful of sessions regardless.

Bennies will be the default reward. Don’t forget you have ‘em. They don’t carry over from session to session, and they’re meant to be used!

Burnt Offerings Session 2

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